Wearing Dentures SUCKS😭.....ButDentures are artificial prosthetic devices made to replace missing natural teeth, which are supported by the supporting structures of the jaw and soft and tough tissues of the mouth. The term ‘dentures’ refers to the form of dentistry, also known as dentoprosthodontics, which involves taking measurements of the teeth in order to decide the best design for a prosthesis.

Conventional dentures can be either removable or fixed-type. But there are several denture styles, some of which incorporate bonding or adhering on dental implants or crowns. A removable denture consists of an appliance that is worn in the mouth during sleep.

As most people get their dentures over the age of 40, this can be referred to as the “Cherry-picked” era in relation to tooth loss due to age. Cherry-picking is considered to be an extremely unhealthy practice where dentists wait till they are about to get their own tooth replacement. They then select a tooth and choose to use it only. This makes them less qualified to provide dental care to others in the future.

Removable or fixed-type dentures can be bought from dental clinics or purchased online. There are two types of removable dentures available – removable bridgework and fixed bridgework. In the fixed bridgework, the implants of the existing tooth are replaced with the ones of the prosthesis. This type of dentistry is called fixed-bridging. On the other hand, removable bridgework uses a different method of tooth implantation that allows an additional denture to be fitted while maintaining the original tooth.

Removable bridgework is generally more comfortable than fixed bridgework as it can fit onto the jaw better. It is also less susceptible to wear and tear since it is generally made out of metal and therefore can be subjected to more abuse and wear and tear.

Removable bridgework can be used on any area of the mouth, be it on the lower or upper part of the gumline. And since it is removable, you can easily switch it over to an alternative place with out having to buy another set. {if you desire. In addition, removable dentures can be removed for a short period of time for cleaning purposes if you prefer to take a shower.

Some dentists use a combination of fixed and removable dentures depending upon the severity of your condition. This is an option available to patients who cannot afford a fixed-type as there may be too many implants in one or two teeth. You might not require an implant if you suffer from a severe loss of teeth such as dentofacial malocclusions or bone decay but will require a removable denture for everyday chewing. There are also instances where the patient requires an implant only to replace a missing tooth. For instance, if you have lost a full set of teeth, you would not require the fixed-bridgework.

When buying dentures, make sure to keep a checklist of everything you need to look for in your purchase: the orthodontic treatment recommended by your dentist, its cost and its appearance, what position it should fit in, how long it will be worn etc. This is especially so if you want to buy a pair that can be used for long periods of time.

Correct and ideal dentures can be difficult to find and thus it is necessary to be able to do some research before you go shopping. A good guide to buying dentures is the “How To Dental Care” book written by Dr. Michael L. Berenson.

If you are not sure about what orthodontics treatment is appropriate for you, then go for the best dental procedure that suits your needs, but don’t let this discourage you. It is important to remember that most people have to go through at least one orthodontic treatment in their lifetime. You will always regret having chosen the wrong one if you try to change your mind later.

There are so many different types of dentures available today. Be wise in choosing the right one for you.

Is it hard to wear dentures?

Those who wear dentures today will likely remember that moment the dentist informed them that there was nothing they could do and they would take a cast of their mouth, produce some dentures which they would wear for the rest of their life. To those who have no idea of the new denture technology available it can feel like the end of the world, they are about to lose teeth which have been with them for years. However, wearing dentures is not the end of the world; it is the start of a new phase of your life and one which you should actually embrace.

Reasons for dentures

There are many different reasons why people are forced to wear dentures which include:

• Individual broken teeth
• Gum disease
• Extensive tooth decay
• Accidents

In reality those who are advised to move towards dentures would likely have been expecting that moment for some time. In the back of their minds they will have tried to ignore the problems, perhaps eaten and drunk through the pain and sensitivity only to find there was no reprieve or chance of recovery. The truth is that the longer you leave the requirement for extensive dental care the greater the potential problems and this could be the difference between a full set of dentures and only partial dentures. Even though we should all undertake regular dental checks, if you feel excessive sensitivity or pain in one or more of your teeth, or perhaps your gums are bleeding and receding, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Social circles

If you ask anybody who has converted to dentures they will describe that nightmare scenario when you first venture out with friends and family wearing your dentures. You will be conscious, you will no doubt be quiet and people will begin to notice a difference. The reality is that when you are in company you are probably not the only person with a set of dentures, whether partial or full, as others will have likely undertaken such treatment. The good news is that you probably didn’t even notice those who had dentures before? You never gave it a second thought and you never realised any difference in the way they spoke or the way they acted?

Dentures are for many people a last resort and the very fact that they are advised by dentists would suggest this is the case. It is difficult to look back at a time when you were denture free although many of us look back on this period and try to convince ourselves “it wasn’t that bad”. We forget the excruciating pain, the inability to smile because we had teeth ground down or missing and an uncomfortable feeling when in company.

Smile and the world smiles with you

There are many people who now wear dentures that are happy to smile until their hearts content because we all know when you smile the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone. We hear instances of individuals who over the years have seen their front teeth ground down to next to nothing and have had a “toothy grin” for as long as people can remember. After just a few weeks or few months of wearing dentures, just see the difference, they are happy to smile, show their teeth because they know that nobody will even know the difference. We often underestimate the opportunity to smile, the fact that it makes us feel happy and can bring a calming and welcoming influence to others.

In many ways our brains are extremely selective as to what we remember and how we see things of the past. Many of us may associate dentures with years gone by when their parents had the most basic of dentures which often seemed larger than they needed, often caused their teeth to protrude and that terrible clink at the end of the night as they dropped their dentures into the glass of water. Technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the years, the dentures of today are unrecognisable to those who have never seen a set and they can help to create the best smile. However, it is worth noting that the best miles do come from the heart!

Cleaning your dentures

That first day when you drop a cleaning tablet into a glass of water containing your dentures can be depressing, drag many people down but it is not the end of the world. For those who are conscious of cleaning their dentures they can simply place them out of sight and within five or 10 minutes they will be clean again. Nobody needs to be any the wiser about the fact you have dentures but, on the plus side, within just five or 10 minutes of using your Denture Cleaner they will be spotless!

Your dentures should be cleaned on a regular basis because even denture free mouths are a haven for germs and bacteria. If you clean your dentures on a daily basis this will help remove a potential haven for germs and bacteria and associated health issues. Those who fail to remove their dentures and clean them on a regular basis risk leaving decaying food in between their gums and their dentures which can not only create harmful bacteria but bad breath. If you are out of the house and it is not possible to give your dentures a “good clean” then simply go to the bathroom and run them under some warm water. This should help to remove any potential food debris until you are able to give them a proper clean. It can also be extremely uncomfortable in the knowledge that you know there is food between your dentures and your gums and there is nothing you can do about it. Well there is!

Using your dentures as a positive example

There are many occasions where dentures are advisable as a consequence of health issues or accidents. However, the vast majority of people are advised to take on dentures simply because they failed to look after their teeth to a high enough standard. Missed health checks, lack of funds and general day-to-day living challenges are often used as an excuse for missing dentist appointments. The fact is that if you cannot genuinely afford to visit your dentist then there will be funding available from the authorities. Unfortunately, many people choose to use their funds elsewhere assuming their teeth will always remain healthy. This is not always the case!

Therefore, where friends or family are having trouble with their teeth, those who are brave enough, can use their dentures as a positive example. Tell them that in a perfect world you would not have chosen to take on dentures and wished that you had looked after your teeth better. Take your teeth out, show them what they look like and, while you may be used to them, friends and family will get a shock when the potential reality stands before them. This course of action is not for everybody because many people would prefer to keep the matter private. However, that is not to say you cannot use them as a means to encourage your children to look after their teeth.

Using dentures is not the end of the world

As we touched on above, that first moment when you are told that you require dentures can feel as though your world has caved in. You become very conscious, feel socially isolated and for some it can be difficult to regain that confidence in the short to medium term. However, dentures today are nothing like those of years gone by, they are moulded around your existing teeth and gums and fit perfectly.

You may need to update your dentures from time to time as you get older but it is worth noting that these are extremely durable, great value for money and in many cases invaluable to your everyday life. It may seem difficult, but you should embrace your dentures, make the most of them and even pretend that they are your normal teeth. Flash a smile, start eating that food you avoided in years gone by because of toothache and above all, start to live again!