Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns give you a natural-looking tooth replacement when you have a tooth that’s been damaged for any reason. Your dentist in Madison, New Jersey, is both a family dentist and cosmetic specialist, so he can advise you on whether the high-end crown will work within your lifestyle goals, dental history and budget. Zirconia is another alternative among the many resources you’ll find at an up-to-date dental facility like Dental Associates of Morris County. You don’t have to live with missing teeth, the health risks and the low self-confidence that often comes with having gaps in your smile.

Whether you’re undergoing a complete smile makeover to improve your appearance or going through restorative treatments to save a tooth, a dental crown is an ideal option. Crowns, also called caps, cover discolored, damaged or decayed teeth. The latest in crown material offered by Dental Associates of Morris County is zirconia. Zirconia dental crowns are created out of metal from the titanium family.

Previously, the natural-looking appearance for crowns was only able to be achieved from porcelain crowns. With zirconia dental crowns, you now get the natural look as well as the added benefit of strength found in metal crowns. Zirconia crowns are easily made to the proper shape in a short period of time and have proven to be one of the most durable substances for tooth replacement treatment.

Zirconia disadvantages are negligible. And you have access to an expert cosmetic dentist who is also your family dentist, so you’re assured to get the restorative and cosmetic solutions right for you. At Dental Associates of Morris County, you also get help to find affordable options to pay for long-lasting zirconia crowns.

Why Consider Zirconia Dental Crowns?

Crowns are used to save your natural tooth structure, as well as to preserve your jawline and neighboring teeth. In addition to zirconia crowns, you can opt for metal alloys like gold, porcelain and composite resins. Each has advantages and disadvantages in application and cost.

Zirconia dental crowns are superior in many ways, due to:

  • Your Morris County dentist’s ability to create the crown right in the office, saving you time. Since you can get a zirconia dental crown in one visit, you won’t have to live with a temporary crown while your permanent one is being made in a lab.
  • Zirconia crown problems rarely occur. While they’re beautiful enough to substitute for front teeth, they’re also durable enough to withstand the pressures of chewing on molars and back teeth.
  • They’re translucent, so they resemble your other teeth. But you can have them covered with a thin layer of porcelain, which tends to be a little more tooth-like in feel and appearance.
  • Zirconia is a biocompatible substance that doesn’t cause reactions to human biology, making it safe and free of zirconia crown problems that are sometimes seen in other metal alloys.

Colgate.com talks about zirconia crowns this way: “The metal has become popular as a crown material, since it is supplied to dental offices in the form of a block, which is then milled by a computerized cutting machine (CAD CAM) into the shape of a tooth. Then, once it is fitted, it is cemented in the patient’s mouth.”

Zirconia Crown Disadvantages

Your dental team at Dental Associates can explain any zirconia crown disadvantages before you make a final decision. One of the most common is that zirconia is an opaque metal, making it difficult to exactly match the color of your other teeth. That’s why your cosmetic dentist may recommend a thin layer of porcelain to get a better match for front teeth. Your dentist may recommend another option for front teeth, such as BruxZir crowns.

You also may encounter additional zirconia crown disadvantages that may include:

  • The need for more adjustments to get your bite corrected because the material is so strong
  • Zirconia crowns may wear down adjoining teeth that don’t have caps on them quicker than other tooth replacement alternatives.

Risks of Zirconia Crown Problems

You always face some small measure of risk with any dental procedure. These are greatly reduced, however, at Dental Associates of Morris County because of the expertise and advanced technology your dentists rely on for zirconia dental crown placement and all other treatments. Zirconia crowns are known for their reliability, but unforeseen zirconia crown problems may include:

  • A reaction to some numbing medications
  • Allergies to other materials used to create your crown
  • Developing an infection that could lead to a root canal if you didn’t already have the nerve removed prior to the crown procedure
  • Cracking or chipping of the crown, also very unlikely due the metal’s strength

It’s vital that you maintain a program of good daily dental hygiene to preserve your crown for up to 15 years and longer. Visit your dentist twice a year for cleanings to preserve the crown’s vitality. Brush and floss as directed.