eMax Crowns

Dental health is just as important to the family cosmetic dentists at Dental Associates of Morris County as your appearance. And crowns are often the best solution to protect the roots of your original teeth while restoring your smile. There are a number of crown options available in Madison, New Jersey. eMax crowns are one of the latest solutions your dentist relies on once it’s determined that you need restorative treatment.

Dental crowns are ideal tooth replacements when you have chipped, decayed, discolored or broken teeth. Among the options your family dentist may suggest, eMax crowns — produced by Ivoclar Vivadent — are among the best. Alternative materials used to make crowns include composite resins, zirconia, metal alloys and porcelain.

Your cosmetic dentist relies on the expertise of the company to provide you with the latest techniques, as described:

“Beginning with the predevelopment stage and continuing through rigorous testing until the product is introduced to the market, the process can take years. Many of our developments, which are geared toward the needs of patients, have become integral aspects of daily dental practice. They result from the interplay between technical feasibility, market orientation and experience. Therefore, our innovations will become tomorrow’s standards.”

Why Choose eMax Crowns?

Since crowns, also called dental caps, cover teeth that have been damaged in some way, eMax crowns are popular because they restore your teeth to a natural color, shape and size. They are aesthetically pleasing, durable and strong, made out of lithium desilicated ceramic.

All the benefits of eMax crowns are important factors because your cosmetic dentist at Dental Associates of Morris County always wants to provide you and your family with alternatives that help you look your best and support your dental health. eMax artificial teeth, combined with the supportive restorative treatments your dentist provides, do both — they look good and are strong enough to support the daily pressures of biting and chewing.

Consider the extent of eMax Crown advantages that include:

  • No need to take risks with metal alloys
  • Can be made quickly using precise computer software
  • Are exceptionally durable
  • Make ideal front teeth replacements
  • Fit well, making them more comfortable than some other alternatives

There Are Few eMax Crown Disadvantages

There are many advantages to choosing eMax crowns, not the least of which is their ability to blend so well when your dentist repairs fractured or decayed front teeth. And while there aren’t many eMax crown disadvantages, they may not fit with your smile makeover treatment plan due to:

  • The price tag, as they typically are more expensive than other crowns
  • Ineffectiveness for matching teeth that are darker in color
  • eMAx crown problems that sometimes occur when used for molars
  • Not being suitable to replace multiple teeth in a row

eMax crowns are best used for front teeth replacements because you don’t use the same force for chewing as the back teeth. When your teeth are darker than average, other solutions, such as zirconia crowns, are easier to blend for a more consistent look. Your cosmetic dental team in Madison, New Jersey works with you to determine the best option for you. They even help you find ways to fit cosmetic procedures into your budget with affordable dental plans.

Taking Care of Your eMax Crown Prep

You’ll appreciate the accessibility that eMax crown prep allows, as the entire procedure takes place right in your dentist’s Madison office. If you need other restorative treatments, those are completed first. Fillings, implants, root canals and extractions must be done before you get your new crown. If you ever need it, state-of-the-art sedation dentistry is available from Dental Associates of Morris County’s painless techniques.

The eMax crown prep begins with a digital impression of the tooth sent to the computer. The unique application and specialized instruments then perform the milling process by shaping the required amount, color and shape of lithium disilicate from a block of the material that’s kept in your dentist’s office. Once fitted over the tooth, the dental cap then is adjusted and cemented in place. Then you’re done.

eMax Crown Problems Are Rare

Few eMax crown problems are reported. You may:

  • Discover an allergy to the materials or numbing medication used
  • Form an infection requiring more extensive treatment like a root canal
  • Experience slight discomfort for a couple days

Your risks reduce significantly, however, when you rely on your Madison family dentist. And eMax crowns rarely chip or break. Continue to maintain the vitality of your eMax crown with regular visits to your dentist for checkups and bi-annual cleanings.

You won’t have to do anything different at home to prevent additional eMax crown problems. Floss and brush according to instructions. With proper care, eMax crowns can last for decades.