Teeth Straightening

Only adolescents and teens used to want to learn how to straighten teeth, but today more and more adults are asking how to straighten teeth without braces. It’s doesn’t matter whether you have crowded teeth, overlapping teeth or crooked teeth, you can find affordable teeth straightening options. Get in touch with the orthodontic experts at Dental Associates of Morris County!


It’s not just teens looking for straighter teeth anymore; adults want teeth straightening procedures, too, especially now that cosmetic dentists are offering orthodontic treatments that can straighten teeth without braces. Braces were and are effective teeth straightening devices, but the social costs of wearing them remains high, both for teens and adults.

Fortunately, the orthodontic specialists at Dental Associates of Morris County in Madison, NJ offer a variety of techniques for straightening your teeth. Braces are still available, but now they’re made of ceramic, so they’re much less noticeable. Or you can opt for Invisalign aligner trays, which answer the question of how to straighten teeth without braces.

Clear Braces Are an Option

Traditional metal braces, once the only choice, turned many people away from orthodontic treatment, even though they could benefit. Studies have shown that straight teeth boost confidence levels and improve oral health. But neither adults nor adolescents wanted to submit to “metal mouth” to get there.

Today, your family dentists at Dental Associates of Morris County can offer clear braces, which work just as well and are barely visible. Although they cost more than traditional braces, teeth straightening clear braces may be how to straighten teeth for you. Come in to the Madison office to discuss your goals and get an evaluation.

Other options include lingual braces, which attach the brackets to the back or inside of your teeth. That makes them nearly invisible. Some people have found them uncomfortable because all the hardware is on the same side of the teeth as your tongue. You do get used to them.

Invisalign for Overlapping Front Teeth and for Crooked Teeth

Invisalign for overlapping front teeth have become a popular choice in New Jersey. Unlike braces, Invisalign uses aligning trays made of transparent plastic that you wear over your teeth. Custom made using an initial impression of your teeth and computer technology, they gradually push your teeth into alignment. Because they’re clear, they’re largely undetectable.

Each tray is designed to be worn for about two weeks. Then you insert a new one that pushes your teeth a little farther. The trays are removable for eating and brushing, but you have to wear them for up to 22 hours a day. If you have the discipline to use them, Invisalign aligners can straighten teeth without braces.

A related teeth straightening dental device is the retainer. Orthodontic dentists often prescribe retainers after a successful treatment of braces or aligners to keep your teeth in their proper position. But a retainer for teeth straightening exists. They’re removable wire structures that align your teeth. But they may not be the best option for you, as they tend to be uncomfortable and promote bacteria growth.

Choosing How to Straighten Teeth

When considering your options, consult with your dentist <Link to Contact> at Dental Associates of Morris County. You now know how to straighten teeth without braces, but do Invisalign trays fit your lifestyle? Do you choose a retainer for teeth straightening or go with clear braces? When your family dentist is also your orthodontist, you can trust the advice you get.

For most people in New Jersey, the choice revolves around costs and insurance coverage. While metal braces may be the least expensive option, their limitations are well known. Invisalign aligner trays don’t have those limitations, but they’re more expensive. Another factor in your decision is time. How long would you have to wear each type? You have many options when you think about how to straighten teeth.

Ultimately, whatever option you chose has to fix your specific issue with your teeth. Overlapping teeth is a different issue than overcrowded teeth. A radical overbite requires a different technique than a significant underbite. Your dentist works with you to narrow your choices and guide you toward the best treatment plan for your needs.

Moving Toward Straighter Teeth

Sometimes, it’s not as simple as making a teeth straightening decision. Before you can get fitted for braces or Invisalign aligner trays, your dentist gives you a thorough examination. Your teeth and gums have to be completely healthy before your orthodontic treatment can begin.

If you need any procedures to bring your teeth or gums up to full health, it may delay your teeth straightening and add to your overall cost. Depending on your oral health, your dentist may have to: