Teeth Cleaning

Receiving regular, twice-a-year professional teeth cleaning is vital to maintain your dental health. Your teeth cleaning cost is an investment that pays off in the future, as it helps prevent more costly dental treatments. Good dental hygiene, including teeth cleaning by your family dentist, also plays a vital role in your appearance. Bring in your children when they first start getting teeth. Teach them to appreciate the dentist, and they’ll develop dental habits to last a lifetime.

When your gums and your teeth are healthy, they look good and you feel great. While dental care at home is important, using proper techniques and products play a role in your dental health. Your hygienist and dentist recommend the best ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums to reinforce your well-being with teeth cleaning at Dental Associates of Morris County.

Your New Jersey dentist practices family dentistry, so you can take your entire family to the same Madison location. He also performs cosmetic procedures and restorative treatments at this one-stop dentistry facility.

Why Do You Need Professional Teeth Cleaning?

If you and your kids floss and brush every day, why do you need a dentist to clean your teeth? The answer is because brushing at home doesn’t remove all deposits and bacteria that form on and around your gums and teeth. It takes the tools and techniques used by a professional to reach it all. Those bi-annual teeth cleaning trips help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and eventual tooth loss.

The harmful substances that stick around in your mouth primarily come from what you eat and drink. Sticky sweets, carbohydrates and bread, and even fruit leave deposits that damage tooth enamel and break down gum tissue. They must be thoroughly and properly removed. Major dental problems happen from these lingering substances that form:

  • Plaque, a sticky, colorless film that builds up over time and contains harmful bacteria. When left on your teeth, it can cause serious issues ranging from throbbing tooth pain to cavities. Untreated tooth decay destroys your teeth, causing nerve pain and the need for a root canal so you don’t lose the tooth.
  • Tartar is the calcified material that plaque becomes if it’s not completely removed professionally. To avoid cavities, toothaches, extractions and periodontal disease, allow your dental team to remove all plaque and tartar two times a year.

Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

While you may feel a little bit of discomfort, teeth cleaning doesn’t normally hurt. With a gentle hand and sedation if you’re really anxious, the hygienist scrapes hard plaque and tartar off your teeth, then polishes them with high-speed brushes. Let your Morris County dentist know if have especially sensitive teeth, which may cause slightly more discomfort during the teeth cleaning process.

When does teeth cleaning hurt? If you waited a long time between cleanings, then your gums may be more sensitive than if it was only six months since your last cleaning. Gums become inflamed when neglected, which may lead to more discomfort when the pockets around the gums and teeth are poked to check their depth. You may need an anesthetic if you’re getting a deep teeth cleaning that’s more intensive.

Routine cleaning isn’t painful, but deep teeth cleaning can be. It also may leave you feeling uncomfortable for a few days afterward. At Dental Associates of Morris County, your comfort is important, so ask about available sedation techniques and appropriate pain relievers to use when you go home.

Deep Teeth Cleaning Benefits and Side Effects

Deep teeth cleaning requires a longer visit and different instruments and techniques. Preventing periodontal disease is a major benefit of deep teeth cleaning. Without it, you could end up needing even more extensive dental treatments, such as:

Deep teeth cleaning is a procedure that includes scaling with scraping instruments that remove the tartar and plaque that plague your mouth both below and above your gum line. Root planing is then done to smooth out teeth roots so the gums can reattach properly to your teeth.

Teeth Cleaning Cost Is a Valuable Investment

Teeth cleaning cost varies. However, your New Jersey dental team is committed to affordable dental care and can come up with terms that fit your budget. Dental insurance plans often pay for the bi-annual teeth cleanings because they’re so important to prevent further complications. The teeth cleaning cost is an investment in your well-being that pays off handsomely. Additional treatments, like x-rays and fillings, do raise the total price.

Deep teeth cleaning costs are higher because they are much more intensive, tackling the cause of inflamed gums and painful toothaches. Still, it’s an investment in your health and costs much less than the alternative — bone loss or losing teeth altogether.