It’s not surprising when you learn that your cosmetic dentist offers a treatment like Juvéderm lip injections. What better way to show off your brand new smile than by framing it with fuller, plumper, healthier-looking lips? And Juvéderm is the perfect treatment to achieve more youthful lips. At Dental Associates of Morris County in New Jersey, you can add volume to your lips, which in turn highlights whatever dental work you’ve had done, whether it’s a smile makeover or a teeth whitening procedure.

While the cosmetic dentists at Dental Associates of Morris County offer many kinds of facial aesthetics at their offices in Madison, NJ, a lip-plumping procedure most directly impacts your smile. Your lips frame your mouth. With fuller, more youthful lips, as provided by Juvéderm lip injections, your smile — in fact, your whole face — looks younger.

Your health still comes first at this cosmetic dentistry center. You can’t get any facial rejuvenation procedures until your health is good. That includes your dental health, which is, after all, the focus of this dental practice.

An Injectable Treatment for Your Lips

Juvéderm is completely safe when administered by expert hands, such as those at Dental Associates of Morris County. The FDA approved its use as an injectable in 2010, and it’s grown in popularity ever since. While you can’t get permanent lip injections, Juvéderm lips last about a year. And it’s safe to repeat the process.

Your cosmetic dentist understands how to make your smile its best. Juvéderm enhances your smile even more. And in addition to Juvéderm lips, you can get Juvéderm cheeks if age has robbed you of some fullness and dimension. The process, which takes between 15 and 60 minutes, is the same for both.

The Juvéderm Difference

Juvéderm is a gel composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring ingredient that draws and retains water. It replaces the missing collagen in your skin and lips, storing the lost volume. The gel is sold in units, so you don’t need to buy more than you need. And administered by skilled cosmetic specialists, it looks so natural, people will be able to tell you look different, but they won’t know what’s changed.

Before a treatment, you can ask for a topical anesthetic for your lips or other target area, but often, you don’t even need it, as the process is painless. Your cosmetic dentist then uses a very thin needle to inject the Juvéderm gel in a series of injections. The gel evens out beneath your skin, creating a natural look.

Before Your Juvéderm Treatment in New Jersey

Make sure you ask your cosmetic dentist — or whoever you have perform the Juvéderm lip injections — about their experience. Skilled practitioners want you to ask, as they’re happy to discuss their past work. Ask about their training, too. Find out how often they do Juvéderm lip injections.

Getting injections in your lips, cheeks or forehead doesn’t involve surgery, but you still have to listen to your dentist and answer his questions. It’s for your benefit and safety that your dentist asks these questions. If you want Juvéderm lips and excellent results, you have to be upfront about whether you:

  • Have any allergies to injectable fillers lidocaine (an anesthetic) or Grant-bacterial proteins
  • Are breast-feeding or think you may be pregnant
  • Currently are taking anything — medications, vitamins or supplements — that may increase your risk of bleeding, such as ibuprofen, aspirin or certain homeopathic herbs
  • Plan to undergo any other facial aesthetics treatments, surgical or not
  • Are taking (or have recently taken) any medication that suppresses your body’s ability to fight off infections or disease
  • Have had a history of easily developing scars

What Are the Risks of a Juvéderm Lip Treatment?

Like Botox®, your Juvéderm injections are safe when administered by an expert. Botox is actually more likely to cause side effects than Juvéderm because of the different way they work. But it’s still possible for a Juvéderm treatment to cause some unintended side effects, although they’re rare. The risks from Juvéderm include:

  • An allergic reaction, such as itching at the injection points or trouble breathing
  • Tender Juvéderm lips or skin, although this disappears within a day or so
  • Some swelling that also goes away in the next few days
  • Some bruising, which is normal and temporary

The most extreme risk you face with Juvéderm lip injections is the development of unusual-looking bumps on your lips or under your skin. This means that the gel has clumped together. But because of the consistency of the Juvéderm get, this side effect also dissipates rather quickly.

Aftercare for Your Juvéderm Lips

The day of your injections, you can take over-the-counter medication if you feel the need. Don’t exercise or drink alcohol for the rest of the day. Stay out of the sun and keep cool. Start applying sunscreen every day. All these precautions help the gel settle properly.

If any of the side effects continue for more than a few days, call your cosmetic dentist. Remember that you haven’t received permanent lip injections. Your lips will gradually return to their original plumpness. But you can always return to Dental Associates of Morris County in Madison for another treatment.