Facial Rejuvenation

Your family dentist knows more about your smile than a stranger who you see for the first time to get facial fillers. Your dentist at Dental Associates of Morris County, therefore, is better able to complement your smile. After all the dental work you’ve done — whether restorative or cosmetic procedures — it’s time to show off your beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentists now offer facial rejuvenation procedures to erase fine lines and wrinkles or add volume to your cheeks and lips. Find out more!

When you visit Dental Associates of Morris County in Madison, NJ, your oral health always comes first. Your cosmetic dentist knows that when your teeth and gums are healthy, your smile seems all the more radiant. The same is true of your face: when your skin is healthy, you look younger and more attractive.

Your skin ages at a faster rate than you feel. All the toxins, oils and damage from active years take their toll on your facial skin. Wrinkles appear from common expressions like smiling or worrying. Fine lines etch across your skin as it loses its tight, youthful texture. As your skin thins, your cheeks and lips grow hollower. Facial aesthetics at a center for facial rejuvenation turns back the clock for your skin.

What Does Facial Rejuvenation Treat?

The cosmetic dentists at Dental Associates who perform aesthetic treatments have many techniques and equipment at their disposal for helping your facial skin look rejuvenated. Sometimes, you need a few Botox injections; other times, you need a laser facial rejuvenation procedure. It all depends on the condition — and problems — of your skin.

Most facial rejuvenation treatments target a single skin problem on a specific section of your face. For example, come into the center for facial rejuvenation for:

  • Damaged skin from too much sun exposure
  • Irregularly pigmented skin
  • Laugh lines and worry lines
  • Patches of rough or wind-burned skin
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Surface scarring from acne and accidents
  • Loose, sagging skin
  • Skin that’s non-responsive from a facelift
  • Bags under your eyes
  • Dull, lifeless skin

Examples of treatments, besides laser facial rejuvenation procedures, include Juvéderm® injections for your lips and other facial fillers, as well as muscle-relaxing procedures with Botox. Your facial rejuvenation treatment, whatever you opt for, takes anywhere from a half hour to two full hours to complete. Several of these procedures require some recuperative downtime, so plan accordingly.

Before You Get Laser Facial Rejuvenation

A laser facial rejuvenation procedure is the modern equivalent of a chemical peel, but instead of using chemicals to burn away the outer layers of your skin, a specially calibrated laser does it faster, easier and more controllable. It burns away a thin layer of skin to reveal the fresher skin underneath. It’s a proven method to treat many facial skin ailments and imperfections.

As with any facial rejuvenation technique, however, you must be fully healthy — not just your skin, but your overall health as well. Before any procedure, your cosmetic dentist at the center for facial rejuvenation asks you about your medical history, your current medications and any issues you’re currently dealing with. You may be prescribed a round of antibiotics to fend off infections, sores and blisters ahead of your procedure.

The Laser Facial Procedure

Your trained and experienced dentist has a plan before starting to best complement your smile. You start with a topical anesthetic, rubbed onto your skin at the target location as a safeguard. In general, the procedure doesn’t hurt. You may feel the heat, but it’s not uncomfortable.

Then your cosmetic dentist guides a handheld laser across the problem area to remove a thin layer of skin. This process is repeated until the results match the goal. It’s an in-office, out-patient procedure, so you return home afterward, feeling a little sunburned, but otherwise fine.

Aftercare from a Laser Treatment

For the first day, you wear bandages over the treated area. Your artificial sunburn fades over the next week. You can get pain medication if you feel uncomfortable for the first few days. Keep your skin clean and hydrated. Apply petroleum jelly at least four times a day to keep the moisture in your skin during the first week.

After the first week, you skin scabs over and peels, gradually revealing the fresh, more youthful skin underneath. The healing process completes by the third post-procedure week. You may experience some redness, swelling and itches. Don’t scratch and all these symptoms go away.

Finally, you must take special care of your rejuvenated skin. Don’t leave the house, even on cloudy days, without a generous application of SPF 30 sunscreen. Wear floppy hats and sunglasses to protect your facial skin. And only apply makeup that’s oil free for two or three months.

Risks and Side Effects from Facial Rejuvenation

At your center for facial rejuvenation, you get knowledgeable, skilled professionals catering to your needs and caring for your skin. But every procedure carries a small amount of risk for side effects. You may experience:

  • A longer-lasting sunburn from the laser facial rejuvenation
  • Other color changes on your skin
  • Cold sores or blisters, which are easily treated
  • Scars or burns from the laser, which is rare
  • An infection at the treatment site

Facial rejuvenation is a perfect way to highlight a recent smile makeover. Consider adding fuller lips too. All these are cosmetic procedures, so talk to your dentist about your budget before you start. But with a clear goal in mind, you can achieve a terrific new look.