Same Day Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth and gaps in front, you don’t want to wait weeks for teeth replacements. Same day dental implants are an ideal solution available through your dentist at Dental Associates of Morris County. There, your family dentist is also a cosmetic dentist. He takes care of your health and appearance. He can provide you with one day dental implants as long as your gums and bones are strong enough to support implant posts.

Tooth loss affects your confidence and plays a major role in dental health. You aren’t able to chew and bite correctly, which plays havoc with your digestion. Your other teeth slant to fill in the gaps, creating even more pressure on your jaw. And even if you only have one front tooth missing, you don’t smile or laugh like you used to and may begin avoiding new work and social opportunities.

Same day dental implants provide the ideal solution if you’re a good candidate. Ask your family dentist at Dental Associates of Morris County if you can get same day implants as part of a smile makeover.

How Same Day Dental Implants Work

Getting implants usually means that you have to wait four to six weeks before you can get a crown. Same day implants give you the same results, faster. According to Adin Dental Implant Systems: “Known as ‘immediate loading,’ this process attaches a temporary crown or bridge on the day of implant placement. In doing so, it provides patients with an immediate aesthetic solution, and in many cases, a functional one too. Although not appropriate in all cases, clinical experience has shown that, given the right circumstances, using the immediate loading protocol is often by far the best course of action.”

After your dentist checks your teeth, gums and bone density, other dental issues must be addressed. Procedures to treat decay with fillings or eliminate the effects of gum disease must be performed. And if you don’t have sufficient bone density to support the implant posts, you may need to undergo a bone graft procedure before you can even consider one day dental implants.

The Process for Same Day Implants

Implants fill the spaces left after you’ve had teeth pulled. The dentist makes an incision in your gums in which he places the titanium implant post. You can either get normal numbing medication or take advantage of state-of-the-art sedation dentistry at Dental Associates of Morris County.

Once the implant is secured, a crown is cemented onto the post. Your dentist may prescribe pain medicine for a few days to deal with the discomfort after the numbing wears off. You need to closely follow instructions to care for your mouth. Ice packs and rest help ease any discomfort you may have.

Risks of Same Day Implants

The titanium that same day dental implants are made from is compatible with your physiology, so the risk of rejection is close to non-existent. On top of that, you have an added benefit: the metal post encourages additional bone growth. But as with any surgical procedure, risk of anything from infection to implant failure do exist with the procedure for one day dental implants.

Implant movement is possible because your gums are still fragile after the procedure. Authority Dental puts it this way: For the same day dental implant to be successful, the implant cannot move. Because of this, the procedure itself is very precise. The dental professional must insert the implant in a way that ensures it doesn’t move at all. A same day implant needs to fuse with strong bone and should most likely be able to withstand a certain amount of torque. The best type of candidate for same day implants already has strong bone and relatively healthy teeth. The risks of same day implants are not unique from other dental procedures.”

Same Day Dental Implants Benefits

The most beneficial aspect of same day dental implants is it only takes one visit, and you get your implants that very same day. And unlike more conventional implants, you don’t have to endure the discomfort of temporary dentures while your mouth heals after the implant procedure.

You get to start eating your regular diet right away too, when you have one day dental implants. You’re usually restricted to a soft food diet when you have regular dental implants and spend weeks waiting for a bridge, permanent crown or implant dentures.

How Long do One Day Dental Implants Last?

The average success rate for same day implants is really good — 80 percent and higher. How long the implants last is primarily determined by how strong your jaw bones remain. And damage from an injury, or accident  can dislodge any implant.

But with proper care, same day implants can last for decades. Maintain your cleaning and checkup schedule with your dentist. Floss and brush daily to ensure long-lasting success for your one day dental implants.