Full Mouth Dental Implants

Keeping your natural teeth is always the first choice for you and your family dentist. But perhaps you’ve been in an accident or suffer from an illness that causes you to lose teeth. When something happens, full mouth dental implants may be the best alternative. You can even end up with a more brilliant smile than you had previously! Once the process is done, you don’t have to worry about them as long as you keep up your daily dental hygiene, eat healthfully and see your Morris County dentist every six months.

Full mouth dental implants work well if you’re missing all or most of your teeth or if your teeth are damaged badly and you want a smile makeover. Getting full dental implants requires extensive treatment, but in the end, your quality of life may be dramatically improved. Full mouth dental implants restore full dental functions, as well as improving your appearance.

While dentures may suit your circumstances, your dentist may advise that you to consider full mouth dental implants instead. Your family dentist at Dental Associates of Morris County understands your lifestyle, personal goals and budget. Since he’s also trained in cosmetic dentistry, he can recommend the best option for you.

What Are Full Dental Implants?

Full mouth dental implants are ideal for replacing all the teeth in the bottom half of your mouth, in the top half or in your whole mouth. Implants encourage bone growth and help you maintain your current jawline. Implants look and feel more natural than dentures. They don’t require any special care. And as long as you maintain your dental health, they can last a lifetime.

Several visits to your Madison, NJ dentist are needed to do all the steps required of the procedure. Steps involved in the process of getting full mouth dental implants include:

  • Inserting titanium screws into your jaw through a surgical procedure
  • Waiting up to six weeks or more while your mouth heals
  • Placing the attachments designed to hold your new artificial teeth firmly on the implants
  • Attaching the permanent teeth

Discover the Many Benefits of Full Dental Implants

While bridges and dentures can be highly effective, many people prefer full dental implants. “Dental implants are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to dentures and bridges,” according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID).

The AAID points out why full mouth dental implants may be your best bet for replacing missing teeth. Many patients and dentists understand that full dental implants:

  • Offer a natural appearance so that no one even knows you have them
  • Are a solid long-term investment
  • Help maintain healthy, strong jaw bones
  • Help gums more easily stay bacteria-free and healthy
  • Allow you to talk clearly; you won’t experience embarrassing clicking or whistling sounds
  • Can be left in overnight
  • Don’t have to be soaked in a special solution
  • Provide the most durable and longest-lasting full mouth tooth replacement alternative

New Teeth Designed Just for You

The teeth used with your full mouth dental implants are custom-made to fit your mouth proportions exactly. Because they’re created in a lab to your dentist’s specifications, they fit and function naturally. You may have to wear a temporary denture while you wait for them, though. The period also gives your mouth time to heal from the implanting process if you’ve had any restorative treatments in preparation for the implants, such as teeth extractions.

Your Madison dental team ensures your comfort throughout the entire process. And if you need additional help to prevent pain or overcome anxiety, the latest in sedation dentistry is available. As the American Academy of Periodontology states: “Every case is different, and some of these steps can be combined when conditions permit. Your dental professional works with you to determine the best treatment plan.”

Care and Feeding of Full Mouth Dental Implants

You adjust to your implanted teeth relatively quickly. You’ll be able to clearly speak, smile openly and eat without any effort. And you take care of your full dental implants the same way you took care of your original teeth: a proper dental hygiene routine consisting of brushing and flossing daily, as well as bi-annual visits to your family dentist for cleaning.

Full dental implants are created using ceramic or resin, so they last longer than natural enamel. But you can’t ignore your gums, as they still can be susceptible to bacterial deposits. At first, you may want to visit your dentist more frequently to make sure your implants are functioning as well as expected.

Full Dental Implants Are Affordable

Costs can vary a lot since a number of different specialists are involved in the process, including x-ray techs and aestheticians. Costs for different materials used to make the teeth vary as well. Your dentist goes over the costs with you before beginning.

When your insurance doesn’t cover all the costs involved, your dentist still is committed to getting you the right teeth replacement solution. Dental Associates of Morris County offers affordable dentistry payment plans to suit your needs so you can get the best dental care for your family and yourself.