Veneers vs. CrownsWhat’s up, this is Dr. Shraga from Dentalofmc. And we get a very common question in our practice that I wanted to answer today. And that is what is the difference between veneers and crowns?

And so I understand why it’s a common question because it’s the main two ways that dentists restore teeth and they’re used kind of primarily for two different roles. So first would be the dental crowns. You’ve heard of that before. I say sometimes we call it a cap. But a crown is basically something we use to restore the structure and strength to a tooth that’s pretty badly damaged. An example of a crown would be something that typically wraps around the tooth, and I’ve got a good example of that here.
There is an example of a crown. If I were to spin that around, you can see on all different sides. It kind of wraps around the teeth. The top of the crown would look very similar to a natural. So there’s an example of a crown. We make these in our office, in a single visit with a special type of high-strength porcelain and we glaze them and customize them to bond to the tooth immediately.

If you’re interested in changing up your smile and improving your smile, you may have heard of the term veneer. A veneer is mostly used to change the shape and shade of a tooth permanently.

We can do that with much less reduction in much less tooth removal. You’re able to keep more of your tooth structure and keeping your tooth stronger, obviously is a very good goal for us as dentists. And it’s one thing that we have a big advantage over when we do a veneer as opposed to a crown.
If you’re interested in having your smile improved, you’re gonna want to have a veneer done rather than a crown.

An example of the reason why you might want to crown done in the smile area would because you have a tooth that has many, many fillings in it or maybe it has decay and the decay is so large that a crown is needed. Or maybe you had a root canal on that tooth. And because of the root canal, there’s not enough tooth structure for a veneer really to be successful and be strong enough.

Your dentist might recommend that, you would need a crown rather than, a veneer on a front tooth, in case you had a root canal.

Good example, I’ll show you a veneer would be this little guy right here and you’ll notice there’s some stain on the back side that’s purposeful, but that we put that there in order to make it look even more natural.

But here’s the of an ear so you can see the back side of the tooth has gone. Just covers the front side and it’s a lot thinner, a lot smaller. It’s usually about a millimeter in thickness. On a model, I have a few models here. This is an idea of what a veneer might look like on a model.

So a huge benefit there to a patient would be that when you chew your bite, you’re able to still hit on your teeth rather than hitting on the porcelain. If you’re hitting on the porcelain, obviously the dentist had to remove that tooth structure. There’s another reason why, maybe a veneer would be a better solution because you have to remove a lot of tooth structure to do that.

I think that kind of sums up the two different types of restorations, crowns, veneers, and why, one might be beneficial over the other. I’m probably looking at crowns for more of a cavity fix, more of a structural issue to the tooth and then a veneer more for cosmetic, changing the shape or the shade permanently. And one huge advantage of a veneer over natural teeth is that veneers don’t stain.

So coffee, tea, wine, anything that would normally stay in teeth doesn’t stain a veneer. So that’s, that’s kind of a nice benefit, not going to have to keep bleaching your teeth nonstop.

At that note, one, one reason why, you know, that why are so many teeth treated with crowns when really a veneer would be a better suited option for the patient.

And the reason why is because there’s an issue with restoring temporarily a veneered prep. So if you are working on a tooth that you are minimally reducing and barely taking maybe a credit cards with the way you could see how there could be a real issue here with how are we going to give you a few weeks, why eight lab made sure permanent veneer and give you something that at least is a temporary for you. Um, that is one huge advantage of getting your cosmetic dentistry done.

With veneers at our office, we utilize technology that allows us to transform a smile in a short visit. Three and a half, four hours. And we utilize technology that makes the veneers here. So there is no lab, so there’s no temporary. And because there’s no lab, there’s no temporary, we can be very conservative with your tooth and we have total control over the outcomes of your smile. Here I can hopefully illustrate the ways that innovative dental is able to restore teeth, with same day technology. this is one of our four units that’s capable of imaging teeth with this 3d intraoral camera. And, the wand here is going to capture 18 frames a second and all of them are 3d. It’s going to build a 3D model on our computer here and that’s what we use to design your crown and your or your veneer.

And the first screen here you’ll see we’re able to click on the proper tooth and tell the software whether we’re doing a crown and in layer on layer or veneer. We can do bridge work, we can also do implants. But that’s a whole different discussion. So here I’ve decided to show you what a crown looks like. It’s this tool that I have highlighted right here. And then here’s what a veneer looks like and it’s the little blue sliver you kind of see on the front of that front tooth. Let’s go ahead and go to the area where I can show you the imaging and how that looks. I think you’ll probably appreciate if you haven’t seen this before, it’s really cool.

Invisalign therapy. So we just straightened teeth. We, we don’t take your typical, uh, impressions anymore because of this technology. So it really neat, right? So the days of impression material and gagging and

Those days are gone at innovative dental. So that’s what one thing we really think is pretty cool that we’ve invested in for our patients benefit. We’re able to skip ahead here. I wanted to show you, this is what the model would look like. If I can get rid of these screens and here’s the model of the teeth. I just image and then eat so we can design on this, your veneers and crowns and then we’re able to send them to one of our four milling machines. So that is how that process works. If you thought that was pretty cool and interesting and might be a game-changer for you and your maybe dental phobia or the way that you’ve had dentistry given to you in the past, we would love the opportunity to meet you and discuss how we can help you with your smile if it’s just for a single crown.

Awesome. If you want to transform your entire mouth and do full mouth rehabilitation, we can do that too here with uh, with implants and, uh, crowns, bridges, veneers, uh, whatever’s best for you. And we go over all that, um, in a very comfortable environment here at innovative dental. And so, thanks for your time. Thanks for reading.