Dental Veneers

Your Madison, NJ dentist offers a number of cosmetic treatments to brighten your smile. And since your family dentist also is a cosmetic dentist, he’s ideally suited to recommend procedures to best reach your goals. He knows your dental health, as well as your preferences, history, lifestyle and budget. Dental veneers are one of the most affordable and practical choices to improve your appearance.

Veneers teeth are designed from thin slices of a material that gives your teeth the color you’re looking to achieve. They have the ability to turn unattractive, yellowing teeth into a whiter, natural hue to complete your smile makeover. Dental veneers are applied onto the surface of your teeth with long-lasting cement. Ultraviolet light then hardens the cement. It’s an easy and painless procedure when performed by your cosmetic dentist at Dental Associates of Morris County.

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Getting veneers teeth requires a simple office visit. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, about 89 percent of those seeking any kind of dental work do so to improve their appearance, while only 54 percent visit a dentist to improve their dental health. Like you, however, many see a dentist to get the best of both.

Reasons to Get Dental Veneers

Teeth whitening doesn’t always provide the results you want. In that case, veneers just may be your best bet to get the whitest teeth. Dental veneers also can be useful as restorative alternatives to treat dental problems that include:

  • Broken, chipped or fractured teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Damaged or spotty tooth enamel
  • Weakened teeth from gum disease
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Unevenly sized teeth
  • Unsightly gaps between teeth that bother you

Dental Veneers Value

Porcelain veneers and composite veneers make up the two primary kinds of veneers teeth. Porcelain typically provides a higher quality of veneer, but your family dentist can recommend which kind best suits your needs. Dental veneers cost plays a role in your choice, too. And the amount of time you have to spend on the process also determines which might work best for you.

Dental veneers became really popular in the 1920s among movie stars. But today, dental veneers are widely available to everyone. They’ve been in general use since around 1983. Porcelain dental veneers cost typically is about twice as much as composites. At the same time, you can expect them to last twice as long!

However far the process has come, though, it still requires experience and a steady hand to successfully apply veneers and contour them to your teeth precisely. Ill-fitting dental veneers can lead to painful mouth abrasions. Speak to the dental team at a Morris County dental practice about your dental veneers cost and plans that provide affordable dentistry for you and your family.

Composite vs. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers last for an average of 15 years. The material is strong, and when polished, looks like natural teeth. And they’re stain-resistant. Once an impression is made, your cosmetic dentist makes a custom mold of your teeth. To seat porcelain dental veneers appropriately, minor reshaping may be necessary over a few visits. Porcelain dental veneers are permanent tooth coverings.

Composite veneers, on the other hand, can be made during one office visit. Few, if any, adjustments are needed. The resin goes right on the teeth and then is sculpted for a more natural look. Your dentist uses ultraviolet light to strengthen the bond. Additional resin layers make the teeth even stronger. After a final polishing, you have your beautiful new smile that you can expect to last up to about eight years. Resin-based veneers also are called no-prep veneers, prepless veneers and same-day veneers.

Press on Veneers and Prepless Veneers

Hardly any alterations to your natural teeth are needed anymore to properly fit the newest high-tech veneers. In fact, the newest prepless veneers work just as well as conventional veneers teeth. They leave you with a natural appearance and they feel like your original teeth. Prepless veneers work well covering minor teeth defects. Ask your dentist if you’re a good candidate for the extraordinary value you get with prepless veneers.

Press on veneers, by comparison, are ideal as temporary solutions. They’re great if you want to make an impression at a big job interview or to ensure super photos at your wedding. Press on veneers aren’t sealed with bonding or cement. Instead, they’re clipped onto your teeth. You can eat, drink and talk without experiencing any difficulties.

Alternatives to Veneers

If you need more extensive dental treatment, you may not be able to get veneers, at least not right away. Your New Jersey dentist may recommend alternatives to veneers that may give you the same, if not better, results. Alternatives to veneers that may work well for you may include: