Best Home Teeth Whitening

There is nothing that radiates health, happiness and even success like a white sparkling smile. Having whiter and brighter teeth is not only essential for a beautiful smile, but is also a sign good oral hygiene. However, if you have teeth that are discolored or stained, there are simple ways you can do at home for a whiter smile. While professional teeth whitening can be quite expensive, using home teeth whitening products can help you whiten your teeth in a safe, effective and economical way.

Factors to consider before using at-home teeth whitening products

  • Know the risk involved using a particular teeth whitening product. Best Teeth whitening products 2019-2020 designed for home use are generally safe. However, overusing it can cause tooth pain or sensitivity.
  • Know about the different types of whiteners. Home teeth whiteners either have peroxide-containing bleaching agents or abrasive agents to whiten teeth. While bleaching agents remove deep surface stains from your teeth, non- bleaching products help get rid of surface stains from your teeth.
  • Look for approval. Always choose a product that has an ADA seal of acceptance.

12 Best home teeth Whitening Products 2020

 Product Name 
Crest 3D White Dental Whitening Kit, Professional Effects Whitestrips, 44 Count (Pack of 1), and Pro-Health Gum And Sensitivity, Sensitive Toothpaste, All Day Protection, 4.1 OunceCrest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effect
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AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit, LED Light, 35% Carbamide Peroxide, (2) 5ml Gel Syringes, Tray and CaseAuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit
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Dazzling White Instant Whitening Pen 4 Shades Whiter in 1 WeekDazzling White Whitening Pen
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1 pack of Plus White 5-Minute Premier Whitening SystemPlus White 5 Minute Premier Whitening System
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Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal (2.75 oz Cinnamint)Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal
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Jason Natural Powersmile Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, 6 oz (Pack of 4)Jason Natural PowerSmile Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste
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Rembrandt Deeply White 2-Hour Teeth Whitening KitRembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit
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Shine Whitening - Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System - No SensitivityShine Whitening Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System
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GLO Brilliant Deluxe Teeth Whitening Device Kit with Patented Blue LED Light & Heat Accelerator for Fast, Pain-Free, Long Lasting Results. Clinically Proven. Includes 10 GLO Gel Vials+ Lip CareGLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device
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Den-Mat LumiBrite 32% Take-Home Whitening Gel Refill 4 Syringes, 2.5 mlLumiBrite Take Home Whitening Gel - Best Teeth Whitener for Sensitive Teeth
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Opalescence PF - Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes 35% Mint - Teeth Whitening, Oral Health - 4 SyringesOpalescence PF 35% Whitening Gel - Best Teeth Whitening Gel
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Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effect

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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The Crest 3D white strips are basically thin, flexible, sticky strips that are coated with whitening gel. Designed for your top teeth as well the bottom ones, these strips confirm to the shape of your teeth and work by keeping the whitening gel in place against your teeth. Equipped with advanced seal technology, the no slip grip allows the strips to stay in place even while you are talking. The pack contains 20 sets of leaves on strips and allows you to attain pearly whites in just 30 minutes.

  • The quickest way to whiten teeth at home
  • Helps remove even the stubborn stains
  • Contains enamel-safe teeth whitening ingredients
  • Can sometimes irritate gums
  • Can cause tooth sensitivity

Using Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effect is one of the most comfortable, hassle-free way for at-home teeth whitening.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Auraglow is a complete whitening system that can help you get whiter teeth right in the comfort of your home. The kit uses LED teeth whitening light that helps enhance the process of the whitening gel in breaking down the stains on the surface of your teeth and whitening them faster. Equipped with a built-in time beeper that helps you keep track of your whitening session time, this at- home teeth whitening kit includes a 35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel that help deliver quick whitening results. The kit also includes 2 whitening gel syringes (mint flavor); a mouth tray and a booklet that contains detailed instruction on using it.

  • Whitening gel safe for tooth enamel
  • Help remove tea, coffee, wine, soda stains with just one treatment
  • Economical when compared to other at-home teeth whitening kits
  • Led lights, not good quality
  • Can sometimes cause a burning sensation on the gums

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit is an affordable, convenient and fuss-free way of teeth whitening at home.

Dazzling White Whitening Pen

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Containing hydrogen peroxide( 65 concentration), this teeth whitening pen with easy reach design and ultra-soft application brush helps whiten teeth at home in an effective way. Using the pen will help get rid of the yellow stains on your teeth and help brighten your teeth up to four shades white in just one week.

  • Economical- can be used over 50 times
  • Helps provide instant whitening
  • Removes stains
  • Convenient for travel
  • Not suitable for sensitive teeth
  • May discolor or stain fabric

Plus White 5 Minute Premier Whitening System

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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This whitening system allows you to take advantage of the same process used by the dentist to whiten teeth, right in the comfort of your home. The easy to use system contains include a pre – whitener rinse, whitening gel and a mouthpiece. While the pre- whitener rinse helps loosen stains from your teeth, the whitening gel with its more bleaching power helps get rid of the stains completely for more effective whitening. The comfortable mouthpiece fits in the mouth easily and helps whiten all the teeth (top and bottom) at the same time for quick and better results.

  • Contains enamel -friendly bleach formula
  • Fast and effective teeth brightening
  • Helps get rid of all kind of stains
  • Can sometimes cause blister-like sores on lip
  • Does not work effectively on stubborn stains

If you are looking to get professional whitening results at home, Plus White 5 Minute Premier Whitening System would be a perfect choice.

Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Containing all organic and plant based ingredients, this tooth and gum powder helps clean and polish teeth, improve gum health, strengthen enamel and freshen breath without using toxic ingredients, bleach or fluoride. A unique, natural alternative for the entire family, this at tooth whitening powder when used in combination with your favorite toothpaste or as a standard toothpaste helps removes tea, coffee, tobacco or wine stains naturally. Apart from containing no synthetic additives,foaming agents, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors, this powder for tooth whitening is less abrasive and is safe to be used every day.(RDA index rating of 68)

  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Helps combat gum inflammation and soreness
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Can sometimes cling between teeth and gum lines
  • Can be abrasive is you are a hard brusher.

If you are looking for a healthier, safe and easy way to whiten teeth at home, Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal would be a great choice.

Jason Natural PowerSmile Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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If you prefer a teeth whitening toothpaste, make sure it doesn’t contain any harsh abrasives or irritating chemicals. “Otherwise, you lose healthy enamel, which can make your teeth yellower and possibly more sensitive in the long run,” says Hugh Flax, DDS, of Flax Dental in Atlanta, Georgia.

His top teeth whitening pick? Jason Natural PowerSmile Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste. It contains natural, gentle ingredients (such as bamboo powder and baking soda) to prevent tartar buildup while whitening and brightening your smile.

Philips Sonicare Single Whitening Touch-Up Pen

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Prefer a portable whitener? Philips Sonicare whitening pens are a highly effective method of teeth whitening, says Toronto-based endodontist Gary Glassman, DDS. “Not only do they contain high quality teeth whitening gel, but they offer the most convenience and ease of application.”

They’re also more effective than strips, Glassman adds because they have a silicone rubber tip that can penetrate the enamel, allowing for the whitening gel to work on all layers of your teeth. Cha. Ching.

Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Rembrandt was the first company to specialize in teeth whitening products, and they know what they are doing.

Realistically, you are not going to be able to experience the best result with this kit if you start using it at 6 pm when your date is at 8 pm! That is because the “2-Hour” label on the product is a bit misleading; you need a little extra time to get everything ready.

The kit comes with “comfytray applicators,” which you fill with gel. In order to use the applicators, you first have to mold them to your teeth shape by dipping them into hot water. You then fill the applicators with a small amount of gel and fit them onto your teeth. It helps to put Vaseline on your lips to protect them from dripping gel, and to use a Q-tip to remove the extra gel from your gums.

Shine Whitening Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening System

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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The Shine Whitening system uses botanical ingredients instead of hydrogen peroxide or other caustic chemicals, as well as LED light, to accelerate the whitening process.

Unfortunately, this makes it a bit difficult to use. In spite of this, the system does work. You use the product twice a day for 15 minutes, and after a few weeks, most people see their teeth get one-to-two shades lighter.

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and ReviewsThis at-home device helps get teeth up to five shades whiter without the hassle of a visit to the dentist — you can even do a treatment while getting ready in the morning. The innovative gel formula doesn’t stick to gums or other soft tissue, and is gentle enough for use on sensitive teeth.

The GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device uses both heat and light to help speed up the whitening process, while providing longer-lasting results. It comes with a whitening mouthpiece and case, 10 whitening gel refills, a charging dock and power adapter with USB cable, lip care product, a travel bag, and a detailed user manual.

LumiBrite Take Home Whitening Gel – Best Teeth Whitener for Sensitive Teeth

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Anyone who has sensitive teeth knows how challenging it can be to find a whitening product that is both effective yet gentle. LumiBrite Take Home Whitening Gel is recommended by dentists for providing excellent results without the pain of some whitening products. It also provides results quickly — in as little as 14 days, with twice-daily applications.

Opalescence PF 35% Whitening Gel – Best Teeth Whitening Gel

Best Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Recommended by dentists, Opalescence PF 35% Whitening Gel is known within the industry for providing noticeable whitening results. It is a bit more hassle than the other products on our list, as you will need to have custom whitening trays made before use, but the results speak for themselves. Each syringe has a two-year shelf life, and the product comes in singles or multi-packs for added convenience.


Best Home Teeth Whitening Buyer’s GuideBest Home Teeth Whitening – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Home teeth whitening has become increasing popular, in the past you have had to spend over $700 for in-chair teeth whitening at your dental office. Without a doubt, Pearly Whites is the most trusted and known kits on the Australian market. Without outstanding reviews and an affordable price you can expect excellent results.

Pros and cons of Home Teeth Whitening

  • Inexpensive when compared to professional whitening
  • Allows more flexibility- can be done according to your personal schedule
  • East to use products and uncomplicated to execute
  • Safe and effective
  • Home whitening products can sometimes increase tooth or gum sensitivity
  • May not get satisfactory results
  • There are some stains that cannot be removed by home whitening products and may require professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions – Teeth Whitening

Can Everyone Have Teeth Whitening?

Patients with fabrications or restorations on the front facing teeth, such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns or dental bonding aren’t likely to respond to this form of treatment, since restorative materials isn’t made to respond to bleaching agents like natural teeth. Teeth whitening work only on natural teeth and have no effects on false teeth or dental crowns.

The treatment isn’t as effective on patients with intrinsic stains, so it doesn’t work on any ‘dead’ tooth, such as those teeth which have undergone root canal therapy. It only works great on extrinsic stains, like yellow and brown stains that have not yet affected the inner enamel. Intrinsic stains are the stains that are inside the tooth. Sometimes, there is bleeding in the teeth that lead to intrinsic stains, which are yellow or brown in colour. Teeth whitening can cure these intrinsic stains.

Patients with extreme tooth sensitivity are advised against this procedure as well, as it can enhance the sensitivity level.

Patients with bruxism or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) should not opt for whitening agents as it may cause more damage to them. Bleaching should be done under supervision.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The effects last from four months to one year. You can get touch-ups done in between. Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure and if you love to eat food which can easily stain, you may see discoloration in as little as several months depending on the treatment you have used.

On the other hand, home remedies only last for a few days to a week or two- the effects are not permanent. The degree of whiteness and how long it would remain depends on different factors that include everything from the condition of your teeth to how good your oral hygiene is.

What Can I Expect After Teeth Whitening?

If you have had to go teeth whitening, do not consume tobacco, coffee or tea for a few days as this may damage the bleaching. Also, avoid very cold or hot foods when possible. Depending on the active agent used for the teeth whitening you may also experience teeth sensitivity lasting for several hours to a few days.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Over bleaching can hurt. Also, the method involved plays a part. The problems go within 3 days of the treatment, and if the pain is severe, dentists can also advise the use of a teeth whitening spray that can help decrease your teeth sensitivity levels.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

There could be hypersensitivity, irritation of the gums and uneven results. If the whitening process is overextended, the teeth may turn grey. The peroxide products if not applied properly may burn your gums. That is why it is better to always consult a dentist.

Will Teeth Whitening Make My Teeth Sensitive?

Yes, it leads to a temporary sensitivity of the teeth. However, you should be fine by the next morning.

Does Whitening Have Any Effect on Fillings or Crowns?

Tooth whitening has no effect on them. Your teeth will not change their colour. You should replace your fillings and crown after the process if you wish for a change.

How Old Do You Have to be to Whiten Your Teeth?

Children below 16 years are recommended to stay away from bleaching as this could harm their teeth.

How Much Whiter Will My Teeth Be?
This depends on the procedure that you choose. Yellow coloured teeth will be whitened more. However, gray colour teeth will not show much change.
Can I Continue Smoking After Teeth Whitening?
Smoking will only harm your teeth and will show bad results. Smokers should quit it for at least one or two weeks, as it will spoil the teeth whitening results.
How Can I Retain my White Teeth?
Brushing or rinsing immediately after drinking, chewing gum, avoiding too hot or cold beverages and going for touch ups. You can also drink beverages through straws to protect your teeth.


Home teeth whitening products help provide long-term results. Using such products at home not only helps keep your pearly whites maintained, but also helps promote good oral hygiene. However, since there are a wide variety of products to choose from, consulting your dentist before using any at home teeth whitening product can be highly beneficial helping you get positive results.