I’m terrible at flossing with my fingers and had been using the single-use picks for a while, but wanted a less wasteful alternative. I initially had trouble getting Dental Floss Holder to hold the floss taut enough but this video was great and helped me out! I’m very happy with it and it saves a lot of floss in the long run. If you have impaired fine motor skills, it may be hard to thread and set up but for me it was fine.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:

Best Overall
GUM Flossmate Handle #845 - Pack Of 3
  • Recommended By Dental Professionals
  • ‘Y’ – shaped molded handle provides excellent support and...
  • Floos Not Included
  • Colors Vary

The GUM Flossmate floss handle is designed to make between-teeth cleaning simple, fast and effective. Fast simple Flossing for the whole family. 3 Floss Holders of assorted colors and each containing 50 yards of floss are shipped direct to you. Floss can be advanced in seconds and refilled with your favorite floss. Floss Holder Reusable is environmentally and dishwasher friendly. They last a lifetime and don’t clog landfills. Stop pinching your fingers or putting them into your mouth to floss. This Floss Holder otivate flossing and make it Ouch-Free!

Flossaid Dental Floss Holder 4 pack
  • Flossaid Dental Floss Holder - 4 Pack
  • Colors will be randomly dispensed.
  • floss sold separately

The Original FLOSSAID Dental Floss Holder is an excellent dental hygiene tool. With it’s angled head and long handle, not one tooth space is neglected or incompletely flossed. FLOSSAID “makes flossing easy”.

T.Smile 3rd Generation Dental Flosser 1 Handle + 100 Extra...
  • The extra strength floss (Does not stretch, shred or break)
  • Angled at 135 degrees (Allows for easy access to every crevice)
  • Ergonomic handle (Cleaning with comfort)
  • Patented mechanism (Easy attach / remove the floss head)
  • Includes 1 handle and 100 (extra strength floss) refill heads

This evolutionary flosser features extra-strength floss which prevents stretching, shredding and breaking. An ergonomic handle design is included to provide comfort while cleaning, with a patented mechanism to easily attach/remove the floss head. Angled at an optimal 135 degrees, the floss reaches every crevice between your teeth. Frequent flossing removes plaque from teeth in areas that can’t be reached by brushing and is an important step in your oral care routine. This flosser comes with 1 handle and 100 (extra strength floss) refillable heads. T. Smile 3G Flosser also comes with soft silky ribbon floss (slides easily in tight spaces) and extra strength floss (does not stretch, shred or break). Experience the revolutionary cleaning of your teeth. Make flossing easier and more comfortable today!

FveBzem Dental Floss Holder with 50 Meter Flosses Reach...
  • FveBzem Dental Floss Holder offers a solid grip for the hand, which...
  • With Dental Floss Holder, the floss does not slip out of the flosser...
  • Dental Floss Holder reduces drastically the consumption of dental...
  • Dental Floss Holder is endless refillable, which means less plastic...
  • FveBzem Dental Floss Holder works with any type of dental floss or...

When you get tired of trying to floss those hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, use this Dental Floss Holder. This product has a unique design with a long handle to help you reach all corners of your mouth. It can make the dreaded task of flossing more enjoyable by making it easier to get between all your teeth with its angled head. This dental floss with handle can reach all the teeth as well as easily slide between them. This Dental Floss Holder is a unique dental hygiene tool. Keeping your children’s teeth clean and healthy can be a difficult task, but this product can help make flossing your toddler’s teeth simpler with its design and ease of use.

How would I go about creating homemade dental floss?

Simply use knitting wool. In many ways it is better than floss, cheaper, more gentle, doesn’t cut so much, furry. And comes in many colours.